That’s right. We professed our love for plants 40 years ago, starting with coining the phrase ‘plant-based eating’. It’s been our driving force and whole reason to exist ever since. It still is. To show as many people as possible why they should love plants as much as we do, and how adding more plants to their plates every day can help change the way the world eats for the better.

Let’s be clear. Plant-based eating isn’t new. It’s not radical. And it’s definitely not about cutting things out.

In fact, it’s the total opposite. And a plant-based diet isn’t defined by what it excludes, but by what it includes. Which is lots, and lots (and then some more), healthy plant-based foods. ‘The more plants the better’ we say.

So, all plant-based eating really means is ‘put plants first’. GO BIG ON PLANTS. And instead of planning your meals around meat, plan your meals around plants. Bring veggies, fruits, whole grains, pulses, legumes, nuts and seeds from the side of the plate to front and centre. We’re not here to tell you exactly how you should do this, but to show you how easy it can be to do this in the way that works best for you, right now.

We know that some people will choose to go completely plant-based, and some people won’t. Ultimately the choice is theirs. But that doesn’t change our end goal. To make it much easier for everyone to love plants and make tasty (and healthy) plant-based choices.

That’s why we made our first soya drink back in 1980, and it’s why we’re continuing to make great-tasting plant-based products now – using soya beans, almonds, coconuts, oats, hazelnuts, cashews and rice, and fortifying them with calcium and vitamins B2, B12 and D.