soya beans

Good news for the planet

Whether it’s nuts, rice, fruit or soya, we believe more of what we eat should come directly from plants. Not just because it’s better for our own health, but because a lifestyle based on plants is altogether better for the health of the world we live in.

In 1980, we needed 1 planet

Reduce consumption

As a society we’re exceeding the natural limits of our planet’s resources. Over-exploitation and rising consumption means that the earth’s resources are becoming scarcer. Today, we already need 1.5 planets' worth of natural resources and by 2030 we will need 2 planets.

Tread lightly

Grown from nature, plant-powered food and drink makes sense and is naturally better for the planet. But at Alpro we don’t want to just stop there. We believe wholeheartedly in finding ways to lighten the footprint we leave behind us. We’ve estimated that 80-90% of the world’s soya is fed to animals. When non-GMO soya makes such nourishing food for humans, doesn’t it make far more sense to bypass the cow and turn those plants into food and drink for us?

Skip the cow

Turning plants into food and drink is a sensible, efficient way to provide healthy eating options and is less harmful to the planet.

Grow crops

Feed the cow

Produce the drink

Less land, less water, less CO2

Compared to dairy milk, Alpro’s soya-based drinks use 2x less land, 4x less water and create 2.5x less CO2. No offence to our friend the cow, but isn’t this simply a better way?

less CO2
less land
less water
A farmer holding soya beans in his hands in a soya field

Sustainability, it’s in our nature

We believe wholeheartedly in finding ways to lighten the footprint we leave behind us and we’re always looking to be more sustainable and eco-friendly.