The secret’s in our ingredients

Totally delicious and rich in nutrients, nature’s finest goes into our products. So much good stuff grows straight out the soil: grains, beans, and nuts, all packed with essential nutrients, freshness and flavour.

Guess what I’m good for!

Can you select the ingredient that is high in protein?
That's right! Soya is high in protein!
Can you select the ingredient that is low in fat?
That's right! Rice is low in fat
Can you select the ingredients that are a great source of vitamin E?
That's right! Hazelnut and Almond are great sources of vitamin E
Can you select the ingredient that has a refreshing taste?
That's right! Coconut has a refreshing taste!
Can you select the ingredient that is high in fibre?
That's right! Oat is high in fibre
Can you select the ingredients that are a source of vitamin B?
That's right! Cashew and Oat are great sources of vitamin B
Oops try again!

Meet our heroes



Sweet and fragrant, almonds are a source of the antioxidant vitamin E.



Rich in flavour, hazelnuts contain low amounts of saturated (bad) fats and high amounts of unsaturated (good) fats.



Coconut promises instant refreshment with the taste and aroma of the tropics.



A versatile little bean full of high-quality protein and low levels of saturated fat – soya’s one of our hero ingredients that gives balance to a healthy diet.



Delicate and mild in flavour, rice makes the perfect companion to so many food and drink recipes. Plus, it’s low in fat.



Comfortingly mellow, oats are high in fibre and rich in B vitamins and minerals.



The creamy cashew nut is a rich source of B vitamins.

Why we love what we make

Alpro’s products are packed with the good stuff and low in the bad, so you can enjoy them guilt-free.

High in the good stuff


Our soya products are a great source of high-quality protein, which is essential in helping build and maintain muscle.


Important for normal muscle function and maintaining normal bones, all our products are a delicious source of calcium.


Our Alpro oat drink is packed full of fibre – an important component in our diet that contributes to normal bowel function.


Alpro products are an excellent source of lots of vitamins, including B2, B12, and all-important vitamin D.

And less of the bad stuff


Reducing sugar in the diet is something we care a lot about here at Alpro, and most of our products contain low amounts of sugar.

All Alpro products are 100% plant-based. So they’re dairy-free, don’t contain lactose (milksugar), and are totally free from animal-based ingredients.


Most of our products are low in saturated (bad) fat and contain unsaturated (good) fats.


Our products contain low levels of salt.

Let's take a closer look…

You can be sure we won’t add anything unless we have to. If we do, we first look for ingredients that can be found in nature. We don’t add artificial colours or artificial sweeteners to our products. Nature has plenty to offer anyway, so why spoil a good thing? Since loved ones don’t keep secrets from each other, and we’re all being honest, clear and open, you can find the answers to all of your burning questions right here. No frills. No secrets. Ever.

Does Alpro use acidity regulators? If yes, which ones and why?

Acidity regulators regulate the acidity (What’s in a name? ;-)) in our plant-based alternatives to yogurt, desserts, ice cream and drinks. Why? For example, to counter balance the acidity of calcium in our products, to prevent it from affecting the taste and texture. They also prevent our drinks from curdling when used in hot recipes, like tea or coffee.

Depending on the recipe, we use different acidity regulators:

·        Citric Acid – found naturally in lemons and other citrus fruits.

·        Sodium Citrate – made from citric acid.

·        Malic Acid – found naturally in most fruit and vegetables.

·        Potassium Phosphates – a mineral that occurs naturally in our bodies.

·        Lactic Acid – produced by ferments in yogurt and our plant-based alternatives to yogurt. Our version is 100% plant-based.

Does Alpro use anti-oxidants? If yes, which ones and why?

Antioxidants are pretty awesome: they protect cells from oxidation and prevent oxidation in foods. You know how adding a squeeze of lime juice in your fresh fruit salad not only gives its taste a big oompf, but also prevents the apples and bananas from turning brown? Well that’s pretty much what our anti-oxidants do: they help keep our plant-based alternatives to yogurt looking and tasting fresh. We use two types: the first one, fatty acid esters of ascorbic acid – made from combining Vitamin C, a natural acid found in most fruits and vegetables, with fatty acids. The second one, tocopherol-rich extracts – are extracted from soya oils, then filtered and purified.

What are ‘cultures’?

It’s very simple: no yogurt (plant-based nor dairy) is without cultures! Cultures (also called ferments or starters) are live bacteria we use in the magical fermentation process that creates our plant-based alternatives to yogurt. They’re responsible for that distinctive, slightly tangy flavour and the creamy texture you love so much. We use the same classic yogurt cultures (lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus thermophilus) used to make dairy yogurt – but of course our version is 100% plant-based.

Does Alpro use maltodextrin? If yes, why?

Maltodextrin is a carbohydrate that we add to our drinks, desserts and plant-based alternatives to cream to give you that luxurious mouthfeel. (Yes, we know that ‘mouthfeel’ is a bit of a funny word, but it’s exactly what it is: when you taste something so good your mouth goes all whoah.) In case you were wondering,maltodextrin is a carbohydrate deriving from potato or corn, but it is definitely not a ‘sugar’, even though the name may make it sound like one.

Does Alpro use starch? If yes, why?

We add starches because they’re a brilliant way to give our foods a thicker, more luxurious mouthfeel. You may find them in our plant-based alternatives to yogurt and cream, desserts and ice cream. The starch we use is modified starch, derived from maize. Mind you: it hasn’t been genetically modified, in case you were wondering. It simply means that it’s been treated before use so that it won’t be affected by the high temperatures used in our cooking and sterilization processes. Like a sort of super-starch, if you will!

Does Alpro use natural ‘flavours’? If yes, why?

You know your taste buds are in safe hands with Alpro. We occasionally use small amounts of (natural) ‘flavours’ to make our foods even more delicious. We might want to add a little extra taste to help preserve the original flavour until you’re ready to enjoy them. Or, we use it to balance out distinctive tastes. For example: our hero ingredient, soya, may be packed full of plant-based goodness, but also has a very distinctive taste that may not be perfect for a dessert ­– a hint of vanilla is all it takes to turn it into something sensational!  

Does Alpro use sugars? If yes, why?

Alpro’s mission is to add as little sugar as possible to any of our products. We believe in creating delicious foods and drinks from plant-based ingredients such as fruits, nuts and coconut that are sweet enough already. We offer a wide range of foods and drinks with varying amounts of sugars. There is something for everyone. From unsweetened products to products low in sugars, right through to gently sweetened indulgent ones. Unsweetened for Alpro means: no sugars, no sweeteners.

If a recipe cries out for a little extra sweetness, because the base ingredient has little or none of its own, it is kept as low as possible, while still giving the desired taste. We always aim for a significant lower sugars content than comparable products on the market.  

Meet these natural born sweeties:

·        White beet sugar – grown in Europe to keep food miles down.

·        Cane sugar – from the Caribbean.

·        Glucose-fructose syrup – derived from beet sugar or maize.

·       Sweetener – derived only from the stevia plant. We will never, ever use artificial sweeteners.

Does Alpro use fibres? If yes, why?

Fibre is an essential part of our daily diet, but did you know that most of us don't reach the recommended daily amount of 30g? Since the original fragile oat fibres get lost in creating our oat products, we add fibres afterwards to bring the levels back up. Like this, our Oat Drink helps you increase your daily intake of fibre. Plus the corn fibre in our ice cream also helps give it a luxurious smooth texture.

Say hello to our fibre friends:

·        Chicory root fibre – naturally derived from chicory roots.

·        Agave fibre – from agave plants.

·        Soluble corn fibre – derived from maize.

Does Alpro use colourings? If yes, which ones and why?

It is said that we eat with our eyes so we want all our foods to look inviting and delicious! So we add a few drops of (natural) colourings or food extracts (beetroot, carrot, …) to restore any colour lost in cooking or to add a little extra zing to your dessert. Since no Monet or Picasso could ever top Mother Nature’s paint pot, it goes without saying our Alpro paint palette is made up entirely of colours from natural plant-based foods.

Meet our colourful friends:

·        Anthocyanins  – a red plant-based colourant present in most fruits and flowers.

·        Carotenes  – a yellow/orange colour derived from plants, especially carrots.

·        Curcumin– a yellow/orange colour from turmeric.

·        Annatto– a red colour from the vibrant seeds of achiote tree.

·        Paprika extract – a dark red colour from sweet peppers, Capsicum Annum.

Does Alpro use stabilisers and thickeners? If yes, which ones and why?

Of course, taste is key, but sometimes it’s not just about taste. Ice cream needs to be velvety, drinks should slide down smoothly, desserts have to hug the spoon and linger in the mouth. (Mmm, just saying this out loud makes us want to dig in…)

Basically, we want our foods to taste as good as at the moment we made them. That’s where stabilisers and thickeners come in, helping our drinks stay mixed up just right and our desserts stay deliciously thick, every time you take them out of the fridge.

You may find any of these stabilisers and thickeners in our drinks, plant-based alternatives to yogurt, ice cream and desserts, so say hi to these little helpers:

·        Guar gum – polysaccharide/fibre derived from guar seeds

·        Pectins –a polysaccharide/fibre found in nearly all fruits, especially apples, quinces and oranges

·        Locust bean gum – polysaccharide/fibre made from Mediterranean grown carob beans

·        Xanthan gum – a thickener and stabilizer naturally fermented from simple sugars

·        Gellan gum – a polysaccharide/fibre naturally fermented from a carbohydrate

·        Carrageenan – a thickening fibre extracted from seaweed

·        Agar-agar – a gel-like substance extracted from seaweed

Does Alpro use emulsifiers? If yes, which ones and why?

We like it smooth, and we’re pretty sure you do too, right? Emulsifiers enable water and oils to come together in an emulsion and stay that way. This helps, for example, to prevent the separation of our (oily) almonds and water. They keep our drinks flowing, make our plant-based alternative to cream taste deliciously smooth and our ice cream melt in the mouth. Naturally, all the emulsifiers we use are 100% plant-based.

We use these smooth operators to keep things nicely blended:

·        Lecithins – naturally occurring in every living cell, we use sunflower seeds to make ours.

·       Mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids – derived from plant oils.

·        Sucrose esters of fatty acids – created from combining sugar and fatty acids derived from plant oils

·        Lactic acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids – derived from plant-based oils.

What about minerals and vitamins in Alpro products?

This might come as a shock to you… but we all need vitamins and minerals for our health and well-being. Just kidding, of course you know all this! But it’s not always easy to reach that daily dose, that’s why our Alpro products are enriched with the essentials depending on the recipe. Calcium, vitamins B2, B12, E, C and D, iron and iodine are added to help you meet your daily requirements. You’re welcome!

Here’s a list of our vitamins & minerals:

·        Calcium - We use different types of calcium depending on the product: tri-calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, tri-calcium citrate.

·        Vitamins B2 and B12 – we add these (plus calcium) to ensure that you get the nutrients you need.

·        Vitamin E – when we process nuts for our drinks, for example, some vitamin E gets lost so we add this to bring the levels back up.

·        Vitamin D – many people across Europe are missing out on their daily Vitamin D requirement, vital for the absorption of calcium. We’ve got that one covered. 

·        Vitamin C, Iron, Iodine – These are important minerals and vitamins included within the Alpro Growing Up Drink (1-3+) that children need for a healthy start in life.

Mind you, you won’t find these minerals and vitamins in the ingredients list on any of our organic products, though, simply because organic legislation doesn’t allow it.