Almond Cooler

We love our coffee served iced cold with Alpro Almond Drink

4 portions


Strong black coffee - enough to make 24 ice-cubes ~ 600 ml

1L Alpro Almond Original drink, chilled

4 tbsp cocoa powder

Handful fresh mint leaves

4 tbsp maple syrup

Made with


1. Make enough strong coffee to make 24 ice cubes. Allow to cool before filling the ice-cube tray and freezing for at least 4 hours.
2. Pulse / mix the 1 litre chilled Alpro Almond Original with 16 coffee ice cubes, cocoa powder, mint leaves and maple syrup.
3. Taste and add extra mint leaves and / or maple syrup if you want. Pour into four chilled glasses and add finish off by adding the remaining coffee ice-cubes. Awesome!


You can use a melted piece of pure chocolate without gluten and milk instead of the cacao powder.

Some cocoa powders may contain lactose - please check the label.