Banana with Orange Muesli

Start the day with Banana & Orange Muesli with Alpro Plain with Almond Big Pot

4 servings


2 oranges

2 bananas

1L Alpro Plain with Almond alternative to yogurt

12 tbsp muesli (unsweetened)

Made with


1. Peel the oranges, and remove the membrane from around the segments. Do this over a bowl to catch all the fruit juice that is released. Keep some juice to sprinkle over the mashed banana.
2. Divide the mashed banana, orange segments and Alpro Plain with Almond into four bowls or jars.
3. Serve each bowl with 3 tablespoons of muesli.

  • Lactose free


Fancy a gluten free option? No problem, you can use gluten free muesli instead!