The 'coolest' breakfast

Chill to the max with Alpro Plain with Coconut popsicles. Make them now, why wait?

6 servings


6 tbsp granola

3 tbsp honey

500g Alpro Plain with Coconut alternative to yogurt

2 kiwi fruit, thinly sliced

125g strawberries, thinly sliced

100g blueberries

moulds for popsicles / ice lollies

Made with


1. Mix the granola with honey and scoop one tbsp into each mould. Press and release.
2. Add a little Alpro Plain with Coconut to your mould.
3. Slide the fruit slices down the sides so they show and look pretty.
4. Add more Alpro Plain with Coconut and more fruit until the mould is full. Cool for 4 hours. Chill out and enjoy!

  • Lactose free


Especially tasty in summer, but you can make this recipe all year. Simply use fruit that is in season!

Most types of granola contain gluten. Look for gluten free granola or use gluten free muesli instead