Fig Cheesecake

with Alpro Plain Unsweetened

4 portions


200g of mixed nuts

75ml of agave syrup

75ml of dairy-free margarine

1 lime, lime zest and juice

Agar-Agar sheets

900ml of Alpro Plain Unsweetened

2 to 3 figs

A pinch of salt

Made with


1. Chop the nut mixture finely (there may still be some pieces left) and mix in the agave syrup, melted margarine and a pinch of salt. Grease a cake tin and place a sheet of baking paper on the bottom. Spread the nut mixture evenly and place it in the centre of the preheated oven at 180°C. Remove after 8 to 10 minutes and allow to cool
2. Meanwhile, heat the agar-agar sheets with a few tablespoons of hot water until the sheets are melted
3. Put the Alpro Plain Unsweetened in a large bowl, add the melted agar sheets and mix. Season with some lime zest and lime juice
4. Pour the mixture over the cheesecake and top with slices of fig and leave for about two hours or overnight
5. Cut the cheesecake into bars and enjoy!