Hazelnut porridge

Go nuts for breakfast with Alpro Hazelnut Original porridge with dates and pistachios

2 portions


250ml Alpro Hazelnut Original drink

75g oatmeal

Pinch of cinnamon

A couple (1.2g) fresh mint leaves, chopped

1 tsp honey

2 tbsp pistachio nuts

A little lemon juice

1 tbsp chopped dates

Made with


1.Pour the Alpro Hazelnut Original, into a small pan and add the oatmeal and pinch of cinnamon.
2. Simmer for 3 minutes, stirring. Take off the heat and add the freshly chopped mint and sweeten with the honey.
3. Stir in the pistachio nuts and a drizzle of lemon - as much as you feel it needs.
4. Let it cool for 1 minute and finally top with the chopped dates for a finishing touch. Winner!

  • Lactose free


How can you make it gluten free? The oatmeal can contain gluten, so be sure to check the packaging. Use a gluten free oatmeal.

This recipe is already veggie. Replace the honey with sugar or maple or agave syrup to make it vegan.