Caramel Iced Coffee

Cool down in style with a tasty iced-cappuccino made with Alpro Soya Original Drink

4 servings


200ml espresso coffee, cooled

12 dates, stoned and chopped

600ml Alpro Soya Original alternative to milk

16 ice cubes

Made with


1. Whilst the espresso is cooling, place the dates in a small bowl, pour over boiling water until they are just covered and leave for 30 minutes until they are very soft and have absorbed most of the water. Blend the dates to a smooth puree using a hand held blender.
3. Add all the ingredients together in a blender: the Alpro Soya Original, cooled espresso coffee, pureed dates and ice-cubes. Blend until smooth.
4. Pour the into four tall glasses and enjoy.


Did you know that by soaking the dates in hot water you get a delicious caramel flavour, without the need to add syrup.