Mediterranean Quiche

Enjoy this easy-to-make quiche with Alpro Plain Unsweetened Big Pot.

6 portions


1 pack of Shop bought shortcrust pastry

400g of Alpro Plain Unsweetened

1 courgette

1 red pepper

125g of cherry tomatoes

3 eggs or 3 tbsp ground flaxseeds and 9 tbsp of water

2 tablespoons of red pesto

40g of grated parmesan cheese

Margarine or Dairy free spread

Handful of fresh basil

Freshly ground pepper and salt

Made with


Preheat the oven to 180 °C. Prepare the filling by cutting the courgette, pepper and cherry tomatoes into small pieces. Heat up a tablespoon of margarine in a frying pan and gently fry the pieces of pepper and zucchini for about five minutes. Season with pepper and salt if desired.
Whisk the Alpro Plain Unsweetened with the eggs or flaxseed in a bowl. Add about half of parmesan and a handful of chopped basil. Stir and season with freshly ground pepper and salt if liked.
Roll out your shortcrust pastry on a lightly floured, clean surface. Line a loose-bottomed, fluted flan tin, easing the pastry into the base. Trim the pastry edges with scissors so it sits slightly above the tin and pre bake the pastry according to instructions, if required.
Brush the bottom of the quiche with pesto then cover with the vegetables. Pour the Plain Unsweetened mixture into the tin and sprinkle with the remaining parmesan. Cover with the halved cherry tomatoes and bake the quiche for about 45 minutes in the preheated oven until it is golden-brown.
Cut into pieces and serve with fresh basil leaves and a green salad.

  • Lactose free


For a delicious crispy bottom: use a metal tin. Metal conducts heat from the oven better.

Check the ingredients of your shortcrust pastry to make sure it is gluten free

Did you know Parmigiano Reggiano cheese contains a negligible amount of lactose. Always check the label and discuss any concerns with your doctor or healthcare professional.