Vinaigrette Summer Dressing

A delicious vinaigrette summer dressing made with Alpro Plain Unsweetened Big Pot

4 portions


125g Alpro Plain Unsweetened

250g cottage cheese

2 tsp lime juice

Handful of fresh basil, chopped

Freshly ground pepper and a pinch salt

Made with


1. In a large bowl, mix the Alpro Plain Unsweetened with the cottage cheese until well combined.
2. Add the lime juice, chopped basil and season with pepper and a pinch of salt. Stir to combine.
3. Serve the summer dressing with your favourite BBQ dish and enjoy a touch of summer on your plate!

  • Gluten free


Instead of storing the fresh basil in your fridge, place the basil near a window in the sun. The more sun, the more aroma.

Replace the cottage cheese with Alpro Go On Plain