Here at Alpro, we happen to think plant-based living is pretty cool, (we don’t call ourselves the plant-based pioneers for nothing). That’s why we’ve created a whole bunch of tasty and nutritious plant-based drinks, desserts, and snacks to make living a plant-based life as easy – and delicious – as possible. Within the Alpro range you’ll find a host of tasty vegan snacks and drinks to use in your favourite recipes including yogurt alternatives and dairy alternatives. Thinking of going plant-based? We’ve got you! You can learn more about harnessing your own plant-based power right here:

What is a vegan diet?

We’re glad you asked! A vegan diet, also known as a plant-based diet, is a diet that avoids all animal-based products including by-products like milk and eggs. Those following a strictly vegan diet will rely wholly on plant-based food and drink for sustenance including vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, grains, and pulses. Yum. As one of the most sustainable ways of eating, we’re big fans of plant-based life. A balanced vegan diet will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but it is likely to increase your uptake in fibrous and nutritious foods too. Who knows, it might also inspire you to get a bit more creative in the kitchen and cut out some processed foods.

Is Alpro Vegan?

You bet! From soya, oat, rice, and coconut drinks to plant-based yoghurts, and desserts, we’ve got plenty of choice for those looking for sustainably sourced, plant-based goodness. In fact, we’ve been banging the plant-based drum since way back in 1980. Since then, we’ve poured our passion for sustainability and all things plant-based to create the delicious range you see here today. Whether you’re a vegan, have dietary sensitivities or allergies, or simply exploring the wonderful world of plant-based eating and living, you’ll find a host of tasty and nutritious choices.

Is Alpro oat milk vegan?

Absolutely! Our delicious oat drink is wholly plant-based, made using 100% European oats and water. Better yet, it’s also a fibre-rich, a source of calcium and vitamins D & B12, and is naturally lactose free. Perfect for drinking on its own or as a tasty addition to your favourite drinks and go-to recipes, our vegan oat drink makes for a delicious staple in a plant-based diet. What’s not to love?

Is Alpro yogurt vegan?

You better believe it! Here at Alpro our entire selection is plant-based, including our delicious range of soya, oat, almond, and coconut alternatives to yogurt. As well as the classic styles like Greek and plain yoghurt, you’ll also find a tasty range of flavoured yogurt alternatives - perfect for breakfast time, in smoothies, or as a quick and healthy snack.