Vegetarian diet and food alternatives

Whether you’re looking to adopt a more sustainable way of eating or are keen to try a veggie or vegan diet, we’re here for it. Ready to learn more about harnessing your very own plant-power with the help of the original plant-based pioneers? Yep, that’s us!

What is a vegetarian diet?

Simply put, a vegetarian diet is one that abstains from the consumption of meat, chicken and fish. Depending on the person, a vegetarian diet may include or exclude animal by-products such as eggs, dairy products.

For those looking to reduce their carbon footprint, going veggie is a great step toward promoting sustainability. By adopting a vegetarian diet, you’re also likely to incorporate more plant foods including fruit and vegetables, pulses, wholegrains, nuts & seeds into your diet, and if you ask us, that’s always a good thing.

What is the difference between a vegan and vegetarian diet?

Excellent question indeed! If you’re new to the world of vegetarianism and veganism, things can get a little confusing - after all, both are plant-oriented diets with a focus on sustainability, animal welfare, and the environment. While there’s plenty to share and explore about both vegetarianism and veganism, this handy summary should give you a good idea of how they differ:


A vegetarian diet is one that abstains from the consumption of animals including livestock, poultry, pork, and seafood. Like many diets, variations on vegetarianism exist and can range from person to person. For example, some vegetarians will incorporate both eggs and dairy into their diets (known as ovo-lacto-vegetarians), while others may only include dairy but exclude eggs (known as a lacto-vegetarian).

Vegetarianism offers a versatile diet that is observed in many cultures and societies across the globe. It’s also a popular choice for those who love to travel and try new cuisines while reducing the environmental impact of their diet.


As a wholly plant-based diet, a vegan diet excludes all animal products including meat and by-products such as eggs and dairy. Many vegans will also exclude by-products from bees including honey and beeswax.

Adopting a vegan diet is a great step towards living a more sustainable, environmentally friendly life. With so many tasty vegan alternatives available now (including the Alpro goodies you know and love), following a vegan diet is easier and tastier than ever.

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