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Can Alpro packs be recycled?

Yes. Tetra Pak® cartons are a lightweight, low resource, energy-saving form of packaging, designed to have minimum impact on the environment throughout their life. It is the only liquid food packaging made principally from a renewable resource – wood. The Tetra Pak® carton used for our products is designed to provide an energy efficient, airtight and safe means of packaging. The carton is a laminate of several layers of paper/ card, plastic and a single layer of aluminium. The aluminium does not come into contact with the product inside the carton because of a double layer of plastic that prevents this. Tetra Pak® have now launched carton recycling in the UK. Local collection schemes are being established in various locations around the country; more will follow soon. Cartons are not pulped with newspaper, magazines or other kinds of paper, so you should only put them in your existing recycling collection system if you are sure that Tetra Pak® cartons are accepted. The collected cartons are sent to a paper mill so that their strong, high-quality fibres can be recovered and used to make a range of new paper products, including carrier bags and envelopes. Check out Tetra Pak's® website for further information www.tetrapak.co.uk®

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