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Is Alpro suitable for children?

Soya foods which have been fortified with calcium can be introduced into the weaning diet from 6 months of age, but not as a main milk source. If your child requires a dairy free milk alternative then there is specific advice as to which milks are suitable to meet their growing needs. Alpro soya Junior +1 has been nutritionally tailored as a main drink for children 1+ years onwards. This product has been fortified with plant fats to increase the fat and energy content as well as the addition of vitamins and minerals (iron, calcium, vitamin B’s, C and D). Other Alpro products within the range have added calcium, but lower fat and energy content can be introduced into the child’s weaning diet from 6 months but are not recommended as a main milk source until the age of 2 years .For further advice we would advise you to seek advice from your Doctor or Dietitian. Alpro Almond milk or Hazelnut drink can be introduced as part of a healthy diet from one year of age onwards. However it cannot be given as a main milk source for children under three due to its lower fat and protein content. If you are concerned about your child's diet for any reason please contact a health visitor or a state registered dietitian. For further information about lactose intolerance and dairy free eating go to www.alpro.com/uk/lactose-dairy-free

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