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What are the benefits of a plant based diet?

What are the benefits of a plant based diet ? For centuries, many people’s traditional ways of eating, such as the ‘Mediterranean diet’, have been based on plant foods, now recognised as contributing to good health and wellbeing; so it’s no surprise that many international health organisations and associations currently emphasise plant foods in their dietary advice. Just some of the reasons why they recommend them include: - Plant based eating is associated with foods that are low in fat, particularly saturated fat - It’s rich in unsaturated fats, high in fibre and provides a wide range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, thought to promote general health and wellbeing - Plant based diets will be lower in saturated fat, a factor which is particularly important for heart health. In fact certain plant based ingredients, such as soya, nuts and oats, play an important role in a cholesterol friendly diet. For more information about ways to lower cholesterol visit www.alproplus.com -Plant based foods and diets generally have a higher fibre content, making us feel fuller and more satisfied. This makes it easier to follow the kind of lower calorie diet beneficial for maintaining a healthy body shape.

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