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Let's talk about coconuts

Coconut’s the gift that keeps on giving. Coconut water, milk and cream, the wonderful snowy white flesh. They all find their way into our brimming-with-bliss coconut products. Then the rest goes into coconut oil, biomass or even furniture. We love it when there’s no waste!

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  • Obviously, good food starts with good ingredients. We're particular about the ingredients we use & we want to make sure the cultivation of our ingredients happens in the most sustainable way.

    Our oats and almonds are grown in Europe. Most of our soya is, too, and if we could grow coconuts in Europe, we would! But they need the tropical rains and sunshine to grow, so we keep our air miles down by transporting our main ingredients over by boat.

  • Our tasty coconut drink is made using sustainably sourced, 100% vegan ingredients. It's dairy free, gluten free, and a source of calcium and vitamin D, B12 and B2. So, if you’ve got a dairy allergy or you follow a plant-based diet, rest assured our coconut drink is free from animal products like cow's milk. Feel free to go (coco)nuts!

  • Is coconut drink gluten free? You bet! Coconut drink contains only a few ingredients including fresh, sustainably sourced coconuts and water, free of wheat and gluten. Whether you've got a sensitivity to wheat or are Coeliac , you can trust in our coconut drink for a safe gluten/ wheat free option

  • You better believe it! Coconut drink is made using the tasty pulp of fresh, sustainably sourced coconuts - a delicious fruit that's of course 100% vegan. Whether you're swapping to a plant-based diet or just looking to reduce your intake of dairy, you can trust that this tasty, tropical plant-drink is free of all animal products.

  • We hate to break it to you, but when it comes to plant-based drinks, the freezer isn't always your friend. While it's technically possible to freeze coconut drink, the results can be a little, well, iffy.

    Our coconut drink is expertly blended to give the perfect coconutty flavour and creamy texture that you know and love. Freezing and thawing can change the texture and taste of this lovely plant-based drink, so we would not recommend you freeze it . Worried about waste? Always check the use by or best before date. We also have a great choice of long life plant drinks which can be stored in your cupboard .Once opened they then need to be stored in the fridge and consumed within a few days, they make a great store cupboard stand by so you always have that option to avoid running out (see pack for more details on shelf life)

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