Press release 09/17/2020

40 years on, Alpro remains the plant-based force driving the Food Revolution

Continuous pioneering coupled with strong Health & Sustainability commitments and investments

News 05/15/2020

Covid-19 and Alpro? Find out what we’re doing to support our community

Hey Alpro Plant-based People of the World! Now more than ever we need to come together as communities, businesses & organisations to help each other get stuff done.

News 06/01/2018

Sustainability Summary

Alpro is leading the way in ‘shared value creation’

Press release 05/17/2018

Alpro is the first Belgian company to participate in ‘One Planet Thinking’.

Obtains B Corp certification

News 01/20/2018

One Planet thinking

We believe in taking care of this one planet we have with all power by doing well and eating well.

Press release 12/19/2017

Plant-based foods could save the UK £ billions says new study

Published in the Journal of Nutrition

Read all about it

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