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Rice has a delicate flavour all its own. Try it neat. Or in our coconut drink, blended in for extra body and a subtle creaminess. Rice is also deliciously gluten-free, the perfect choice if that’s what you need.

Here’s what
You need to know

  • Ricely does it.

    This pearly grain makes for a mild mannered taste. So, whenever you want a drink with a lighter touch, rice is nice! This pearly grain makes for a mild mannered taste. So, whenever you want a drink with a lighter touch, rice is nice!

  • Good for you!*

    Our rice drink is naturally low in fat, with no added sugars or sweeteners, and a source of calcium. We’ll drink to that!

  • Recipes and rice…

    Lighten your tea and coffee, splash it on cereals, whizz it into smoothies and shakes. Add it to bakes, cakes, soups and sauces. Or you could just enjoy it on its own, chilled, in a glass.

Have you got a question on our Rice products?

Similar to coconut drink, almond drink, and oat drink, rice drink has a lower protein content compared to soya drink. Each 100ml of rice drink contains 0.1g of protein, while soya contains 3.3 grams.

But the great news is that it has other nutritional benefits. Each portion of rice drink contains 120mg of calcium plus extra vitamin D and B12. Way to go, rice! Don't forget that rice drink mixes perfectly with your favourite protein smoothies and vegan protein, powders, too. Dairy free naturally makes it perfect for vegans and plant-based passionistas.

While rice drink is a nutritious and healthy dairy free option, women who are pregnant and breastfeeding should avoid rice drink. Yes rice is a delicious grain, but We wouldn’t suggest consuming while pregnant or giving to young babies and children.

Rice has been known to absorb arsenic from the soil it's grown in, and while the amounts may be small, it’s a carcinogen that can pose risk to growing babies. If in doubt, always speak to your paediatrician who can advise you on the best foods to eat (and avoid) while raising a little one.

Here at Alpro, we're all about sustainability and protecting the planet, and that includes reducing food waste. Naturally, freezers are great for preserving fresh foods, but not all plant-based alternatives do well in the freezer.

Like several other plant-based drinks, rice drink's lovely consistency and flavour can be altered by freezing and thawing, so it's best consumed chilled from the carton. To help reduce waste, our rice drink has a considerably long shelf life, meaning it can be safely consumed months after purchase. Our tip? Only open your tasty Alpro rice drink if you think you'll finish the carton within 5-7 days.

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