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All our lovely almonds are grown in the sunny Mediterranean, mostly fed by rainwater. And when the sky doesn’t provide quite enough, our farmers use drip irrigation, a way that makes every last drop count. Once they’re ripened by the sun, we harvest them, and maybe just lightly toast them to bring out the nutty flavour before turning them into our delicious almond based foods, ice creams, desserts and drinks.

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  • Traditionally grown

    Our almonds are grown on small farms in Spain and Italy, largely pollinated by wild bees and other flying insects. Letting nature do its job.

  • Zero net loss biodiversity

    We're working hard with our almond farmers to use the plants, ponds and hedges in their orchards to attract wildlife back onto their land.

  • Nicely nutty

    Lightly roasted or raw, naked and natural. Our almonds are delicious either way, and our drinks are just perfect for your bakes and cakes.

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We know almonds can be thirsty . So when we found out in Spain and Italy they are mostly watered by rain, we decided to source them only from these countries.

We’re also working with a few farmers to protect biodiversity: using plants, ponds and hedges between their trees to invite wildlife back onto the land. We can’t wait to see who turns up!

Oh, and let’s not forget about the bees. After all, they help feed the world, be(e)ing the most important pollinator of food crops. We are collaborating with our suppliers and external experts to identify and promote pollinator-friendly products and production systems and apply this to all our almonds by 2025.

Alpro Almond Drinks contain 0.4g of protein per 100ml. If you are looking for a plant based drink which provides more protein then we would suggest trying Alpro Soya milk alternative.

Naturally gluten and wheat free, almond drink is a fantastic choice for those who are Coeliac or have wheat sensitivity. Creamy in texture, delicious, and a source of calcium and vitamins D, B2, B12, almond drink fits into to a healthy, balanced diet. Use it in your favourite hot and cold drinks or sweet and savoury recipes with ease!

First things first, is almond drink Good For You**? Absolutely! Our almond drink is made using delicately roasted almonds that are sustainably sourced from the Mediterranean (yes, they taste amazing even before they're made into drink).

Much like our other plant-based drinks, almond drink provides 120mg of calcium per 100ml - on par with any semi-skimmed milk you'll find at the supermarket. Plus it’s also a source of vitamin D, B12 and B2, and is low in fat and sugars, so a great addition to a healthy balanced diet. Not only that, but it’s also versatile and delicious, and can play a big part in plenty of your favourite drinks and recipes across the board. Way to go, almonds!

If you’re following a plant-based diet, you might be wondering whether our Almond Drinks are suitable for vegans? They certainly are, and they are also super delicious. Enjoy it on its own with your favourite vegan snacks. Perfection!

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