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Heads up, here come the oats and they’re coming straight your way! At Alpro, we’ve always appreciated the soft, subtly sweet taste of oats. Which is why they find their way into so many of our deliciously oat-based foods and drinks. And they don’t even have to travel far to get to us. All our oats are grown close by in Europe. Fewer food miles, better for the planet.

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  • Simply oatsome!

    Mild and mellow oats not only taste good, they’re do-gooders, too. Those little grains are naturally high in fibre and rich in vitamin B and minerals.

  • Planet-friendly oats

    Easy going, easy growing oats have a naturally light carbon footprint. They need a lot less fertiliser than other cereals, and can help fight off pests, improve soil quality and promote biodiversity. Oatstanding!

  • Oat so delicious

    The mild, gentle taste of oat cosies up to just anything. Making it the go-to ingredient for so many drinks and dishes.

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Obviously, good food starts with good ingredients. We're particular about the ingredients we use & we want to make sure the cultivation of our ingredients happens in the most sustainable way.

Our oats and almonds are grown in Europe. Most of our soya is, too, and if we could grow coconuts in Europe, we would! But they need the tropical rains and sunshine to grow, so we keep our air miles down by transporting our main ingredients over by boat.

Oat drink is made with two simple core ingredients: oats and water.

Our oat drink is made by adding 100% European harvested oats to water before soaking, blending, and straining. The result? A Smooth, creamy textured delicious oat drink. Naturally dairy and lactose free, our oat drink is , high in fibre, and is also low in fat. Offering a sweet taste unique to oat drink, there’s so much to love about this plant-based drink. Better yet, oat drink is an good for the planet** Go oat drink!

Oat drink is made with nutritious oats -and is rich in fibre. Our oat drink is made by adding 100% European harvested oats to water before soaking and blending. As a final step, all the gritty parts of the oat are strained out, leaving only delicious oat drink behind.

Naturally vegan, dairy and lactose free (and low in fat), it’s a great dairy free option. What's not to love?

If you've ever had the pleasure of enjoying oat drink, you'll know that it’s a little sweeter than its fellow plant-based drink alternatives. With such a lovely sweet taste, you might be wondering, 'does oat drink have sugar?'

Great question! Simply put, oat drink has naturally occurring sugars, derived from the oats used to make it. Unlike manufactured sweet drinks (or other sweetened drink alternatives), oat drink has no added sugars. If you love oat drink but need even less sugars, we've developed our Oat - No Sugars drink, with 0g of sugar per 100ml.

If you're gluten sensitive, coeliac, or simply trying to cut back on wheat consumption, unfortunately Alpro Oat Drink isn’t for you. As our drink naturally contains gluten. However, have you tried out other drinks? Almond, Coconut, Soya are all available, totally gluten free! Enjoy with hot or cold drinks, in your favourite breakfasts, and even in delicious creamy sauces like Bechamel. Perfection!

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