Coconut drinks

ALPRO Напій кокосовий з рисом, 1л

Yay! You just did a good thing. Going plant-based is good for you and the planet. Go ahead and reward yourself with a generous splash of tropical sunshine, courtesy of our Coconut drink. Just sit back and enjoy the temptingly tropical taste – with no added sugars*, only what’s there naturally. Happy days. GOOD FOR YOU**

I’m a total lightweight, with a low carbon footprint to match, because I’m 70% renewable paper and the rest of me is recyclable- with just a thin layer of aluminum.

* contains naturally occuring sugars

** Source of calcium. Calcium is needed for the maintenance of normal bones. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended for good health.

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  • Не містить лактозу
  • 100 % на рослинній основі
  • Вегетаріанський
  • Низький вміст жирів
  • Без додавання цукру або підсолоджувачів
  • Джерело кальцію. Містить вітаміни В2, В12 і D
  • Джерело кальцію та вітамінів D і B12. Вітамін В12 сприяє зменшенню стомлюваності та втоми

Mixed content: Coconut drinks

Why not sip on some Alpro Coconut drink and pretend you're laying on a peaceful beach, enjoying the sand and sea… It doesn't matter if you skip the workout for just one day, right? Alpro Coconut Drinks are Good For You and Good For the Planet!