Shhh… it’s still a secret, but Alpro This is Not M*lk is not your regular oat drink. We’ve called it that because let’s be clear, this is not milk. But you can use it just like milk. All the taste you enjoy so much, 100% plant based. A dream come true for milk lovers!

Here’s what
You need to know

  • Semi or whole?

    You’ve got not just one, but two This is Not M*lk drinks to choose from. Smooth and mild Semi with 1.8% fat, or rich and creamy Whole with 3.5%.

  • Nothing but plants? Could've fooled me.

    It’s true. This is Not M*lk is 100% plant-based. Plus, it’s low in sugars and fortified with calcium and vitamin D. Good for you. And made from low food miles European oats. Good for the planet, too!

  • Wake up to plant-based

    Granola bowl, coffee cup or overnight oats. This is Not M*lk is there for you, every day of the week. Rise and shine!

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We want to keep everyone happy! So, we’ve created two varieties of Alpro This is not M*lk - Plant-Based Oat Drink: a Whole and a Semi. They each have a slightly different taste and texture, and that’s down to the different percentage of fat in the recipe, coming from sunflower oil and shea. Whole is full and rich and has a creamy taste with 3.5% fat, while Semi is a smoother, milder character altogether, with around 50% of the fat compared to Whole. Just as you might expect. So, there’s an option for everyone, whatever your taste and whatever you use it for. Maybe one for tea and one for coffee?

Good question! Alpro This is not M*lk - Plant-Based Oat Drink is a delicious drink, made with oats. A drink that delivers an incredible taste, in an amazingly, 100% plant-based way. So, good for you*!

*Calcium is needed for the maintenance of normal bones. A varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle is recommended for good health.

We believe Alpro This is not M*lk - Plant-Based Oat Drink is pretty special. It’s our richest, creamiest, mildest tasting oat drink to date. It’s fortified with calcium and vitamins D and iodine to help towards your daily intake of essential nutrients. And we’ve made it to be versatile. It’s just as delish chilled in a glass, sipped in coffee or with a nice foamy layer or splashed onto your morning cereal.

Every way’s the best way! Use it just like you’d use any other plant-based drink. So that means almost any way you like! Splash it over your cereal, sip it in your coffee, foam it or just pour into a glass and glug it down all on its own. Need extra inspiration? Have a look at some of the recipes on www.alpro.com

Yes, it is! We all know that our bodies need a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Alpro This is not M*lk - Plant-Based Oat Drink fits right in with that. It has so many good things going for it that make it good for you. It’s low in saturated fat, low in salt, a source of calcium and vitamins D & Iodine. And on top of that, it’s low in sugars. All good reasons to give it a go! *Calcium is needed for the maintenance of normal bones. A varied, balanced diet is recommended for good health.