What can you use oat drink for?

What can you use oat drinks for?  

Alpro Oat drinks are super versatile and well loved for their velvety, creamy texture and sweet taste. Simply delicious!  

Here we’re going to show you exactly how to get the most from your oat, with our suggestions for everything from beverages to breakfasts, and how Alpro Oat Drinks are a delicious addition to some of your favourite savoury and sweet kitchen creations. 

Using oat drink in beverages 

Just like milk, Alpro Oat Drinks can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Because of their great taste and creamy texture, they’re perfect in your morning coffee or afternoon cuppa, as well as in smoothies and shakes, providing that all-important frothy finish that you’re looking for.  

Speaking of coffee, have you tried our Barista Oat Drink? Whether you enjoy your coffee hot, iced, frothy or flat, the flavour of our fabulous oats is the perfect accompaniment for your coffee beans.  

The creamy sweetness means you get all that richness, without ever sacrificing on flavour. Which is probably why it tastes so good in a large mug of hot chocolate.  

 Why not put your oat drink to the test and try something new?  

Coco-loco oaty hot chocolate

Oat matcha latte

With indulgent cocoa, creamy oat milk and a large dollop of sweet coconut whip, take some time out with this delicious oat milk hot chocolate.   (Learn more)  

Simply whizz matcha, Alpro Oat Drink and honey together for a light, sweet, frothy drink that’s perfect hot, or cold.   (Get the recipe) 

Oat drink smoothies 

When it comes to smoothies, Alpro Oat Drinks will be the perfect partner for any of your fruit favourites. And strawberries are a great choice.  

Blend strawberries and bananas (no need to freeze - they’re there for added thickness and texture) with Alpro Original Oat Drink, along with a few ice cubes and some honey or maple syrup (add as much or as little as you like depending on how sweet you like your smoothies). And voilà! You have a scrumptious start to the day.  

Oat drink breakfast recipes 

Getting your day off to a great start is important, and Alpro Oat Drinks are here to help you do just that. As well as tasting smooth and creamy when poured over your favourite cereal, Alpro Oat Drinks are delicious in anything from porridge and pancakes to French toast and creamy smoothies.  

With no end of tasty inspiration, why not make every morning a good morning with these oat drink breakfast recipes? 

Fluffy oat drink pancakes  

Oat drink french toast 

Overnight oats   

Who doesn’t love to kick off the day with light, fluffy American style pancakes? Made with Alpro Oat Drink, a touch of vanilla and a number of other ingredients, it’s time to get your whisks at the ready!    [Get the recipe] 

If you’re feeling really fancy, have a go at some delicious and creamy oat drink french toast.  Made with lots of delicious ingredients including toasted bread, maple syrup and cinnamon, this is the perfect weekend treat.    [Get the recipe]  

Easy to prepare, and full of delicious flavour, leave your oats to chill overnight, just ready and waiting for your topping of choice when you wake up.        [Get the recipe] 

Baking and cooking with oat drinks  

In addition to breakfast, there are a variety of ways that you can use Alpro Oat Drinks when cooking and baking. Adding a splash to your mashed potato and pasta sauces makes for an easy and delicious dairy-free fix, whilst the toasty and creamy flavour of those scrummy oats lends itself perfectly to baked goods.  

Ultimately, whether you’re looking for something sweet or savoury, there are lots of yummy recipes that you can add your oat drink into for mouth-watering results. Let’s start with some savoury home comforts, sides and main dishes.

Mac and cheese 

Potato dauphinoise  

The ultimate comfort food. Delicious creamy oat drink and pasta, combined with the tantalising flavours of black pepper, garlic and black pepper - this mac and cheese recipe is the ultimate comfort food. Dig in!   [Get the recipe] 

All plant-based, but full of that delicious creamy flavour that you just can’t resist, this potato dauphinoise will be a teatime or dinner party winner!     [Get the recipe]    

Spiced vegetable and lentil lasagne

Roasted tomato and broccoli pasta

An all round classic, try this spiced vegetable and lentil lasagne, with layers of mouthwateringly creamy bechamel sauce made with Alpro Oat Drink.   [Get the recipe] 

Full of the rustic thyme and garlic flavours, this recipe calls for pasta, broccoli and tomatoes tossed in a creamy dairy-free sauce. Yum!  [Get the recipe]

If, on the other hand, you feel like baking up a storm of scrummy sweet treats, why not try our overnight oat tiramisu and oatsome donuts? Perfect for an after dinner dessert or party snack.  

It’s time to get creative and have fun in the kitchen with Alpro Oat Drinks. Explore the full range below.