Alpro is the first Belgian company to participate in ‘One Planet Thinking’.

Ghent, May 17th 2018 – Alpro is the first company in Belgium and among the first in Europe to integrate the ‘One Planet Thinking’ concept into its business strategy. The program, a scientific methodology developed by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), enables businesses to define meaningful sustainability objectives. The plant-based food company was also recently awarded with the B-Corp certification and published its sustainability report on May 15th. This report outlines Alpro’s achievements and provides an interim evaluation of the sustainability goals set out for the period from 2015 to 2020.

Our earth can only replenish its resources to a limited extent, and at present human beings are taking so much from the planet that it cannot fully recover. Johan Rockström and other scientists previously developed the idea that the earth has ‘planetary boundaries’. They identified nine such boundaries and concluded a few years ago that human activity had already crossed four of them. This situation threatens not only our own survival as a species but also the ecosystems of the earth we inhabit.

Alpro is one of the first companies in Europe to integrate the ‘One Planet Thinking’ concept into its business strategy. Developed by nature conservancy organisations WWF and IUCN, this scientific program is intended to link the global environmental footprint of an organisation or product to our earth’s capacity to tolerate it. This means, for example, that in terms of water consumption Alpro will have a better understanding on the amount of water available around the almond fields in Spain, on how much water a healthy ecosystem needs, and how much of it Alpro can use - and thus possibly reduce its actual water consumption.

Alpro’s sustainability manager, Greet Vanderheyden, explains: “Our planet does not have an infinite supply of natural resources. That is why we at Alpro will be applying the ‘One Planet Thinking’ methodology by the end of 2018 to ensure that we reduce our footprint in an even more meaningful way. This year the focus is predominantly on the impact of growing soybeans and almonds, which are the main ingredients of our plant-based products.”

Business model awarded B Corp certification

Alpro’s sustainability strategy is founded on the conviction that health, environment and business- economic interests go hand in hand. In recognition of this, the food products company was awarded the B CorpTM certification in early 2018, having scored 87 points which is well above the 80 points needed for certification. B CorpTM is a label that provides a framework with which to measure and compare the impact of businesses on society and the environment. It uses a rigorous verification process of the non-profit organization B Lab®. More than 2400 companies today have the B CorpTMcertification. That is less than 5% of the companies having started the process, which proves the level of requirements of this certification. Alpro is the 9th subsidiary of Danone to obtain a B CorpTMcertification, which means that today about 30% of the company's total turnover is B CorpTM certified.

“We are thrilled to see Alpro joining the B CorpTM community, testament to their long-time commitment to social and environmental impact”, says Nathan Gilbert, Executive Director at B Lab®Europe. “Today's announcement confirms that businesses of all sizes can be positive change agents and serve the interest of all stakeholders, not just shareholders. Alpro's certification is an important step in the development of the B CorpTM movement in Europe.”

“As a company, we consider it important to offer customers healthy and tasty plant-based products that will appeal to a large group of consumers, as well as being intrinsically beneficial to society and to our planet. The B CorpTM certification is the best way to demonstrate this commitment,” says Sven Lamote, Alpro’s General Manager. “We are very proud to take our place alongside other engaged businesses including Patagonia and Danone North America, Alpro’s sister company in the United States.”

Continuing to build a sustainable future

Alpro published its sustainability report on May 15th, 2018. This report outlines Alpro’s achievements and provides an interim evaluation of the sustainability goals set out for the period from 2015 to 2020. It also includes recent stories and projects connected to Alpro’s three strategic elements of sustainability: healthy food, sustainable food and profitable growth.

About Alpro

Alpro is the European pioneer of plant-based food for over 35 years, creating a broad choice of delicious plant-based drinks, alternatives to yoghurt and cream, desserts, margarines and ice cream, made from either non-GM soya, almonds, hazelnuts, cashew, rice, oats or coconut. Alpro products are known under the brands Alpro® and Provamel®.

Alpro, being part of Danone, has its head office in Ghent (Belgium), has more than 1200 employees in Europe and three production facilities in Belgium, France and the United Kingdom. Alpro markets its products in Europe and beyond with majority of its business in Europe and contributes to further growth of plant-based eating. Alpro has been B-Corp certified since 2018 because of its efforts to combine social and environmental objectives with its strategic business agenda.

For more information, please see www.alpro.com and Alpro's B Corp Profile

About B CORP:

Obtaining B Corp certification allows Alpro to join an international community of more than 2400 companies of all sizes and sectors whose ambition is to put their economic efficiency at the service of society at large. Founded in the United States in 2006 by three entrepreneurs in Philadelphia, the B CORPORATION certification is dedicated to promoting a more responsible business model. B Corp certification is awarded based on a questionnaire on social, environmental and social performance of a company, such as its commitment to transparency and accountability. If the answers provided make it possible to accumulate a minimum of 80 points, the supporting documents are reviewed by B Lab, the non-profit organization in charge of certification, and, after verification, will result in a final grade, reevaluated every two years.

For more information, please see www.bcorporation.net

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